Dec 18

Man helps stop bank robbery by merely displaying his weapon

Often, a firearm doesn’t even need to be drawn to be effective in stopping a crime from being committed. Usually, these events aren’t documented, but in this case, it was.

Flagstaff resident Dave Young said he was driving up to the Arizona Central Credit Union branch on North West Street shortly after 4 p.m. on Friday when he was puzzled by the sight of his friend, Michael Pileggi, detaining a woman.

He quickly noticed his friend’s son, Chase Pileggi, was also trying to stop a man as he jumped over a fence. Young said he quickly confirmed that a bank robbery had occurred and took off after the two in his vehicle.

Young caught up with the pair nearby and watched as Chase tackled the man. The younger Pileggi got the man in a hold and Young placed his hand on his sidearm, showing the suspect that he was armed. He did not pull his gun.




  1. Michael Pileggi

    I find it rather alarming that more fanfare is being generated by Mr. Dave Young and his accounting of events,that did not go down the way he says it does. Since I was in fact there,I can state for the record that Mr. Young did absolutly nothing in aiding us,much less expose his weapon,so the suspect could see it. Mr. Youngs distortion of the truth is shedding more spotlight on himself,and his CCW gun carrying agenda. I would like to make clear that whatever Mr. Young provides in the way of the events as he sees it is a complete distortion of the truth and indeed total fabrication. Please spread this around,so the truth gets out!.Thank you~Michael Pileggi

  2. Steve

    To the readers:

    The comment above was submitted and I published it as-is. I have no way to verify the identify if Mr. Pileggi, but published it in the interest of keeping the site as factual as possible, even when it doesn’t support the ‘Concealed Carry Saves Lives’ concept.

    I tend to believe the author above. I’ll leave it to you to make that decision for yourself.

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