Monthly Archive: December 2014

Dec 31

CCW holder successfully defends self in work place violence incident (Osceola Co, FL) (Dec 30 2014)

tl;dr, Pastor was firing maintenance employee at church, employee pulls firearm, starts shooting. Pastor draws, incapacitates employee, who is was hauled off to the hospital to reconsider his life choices.   All things considered, it worked out as well as it could have. No injuries to the intended victim (pastor) who successfully defended himself, and …

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Dec 27

Concealed Carry Tips – From a fat guy, to other fat guys

This article was taken from a posting by reddit user BromeoAndCooliet, with permission of the author, who is fat.   My body type: Weight: 270 Height 5’6 I see this question all the time “I’m fat but how can I has cheeseburger AND ccw?” Well here’s the realities: As an overweight person, it may be fractionally …

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