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Apr 21

Illinois CCW Law means blood in the street Thankfully, the blood spilled from a criminal firing indiscriminately at a crowd. A CCW holder, acting quickly in defense of himself and others, fired on the criminal quickly incapacitating him, and likely saving innocent lives.

Mar 03

Opinion – Why 9mm is the best mm

I’ve been carrying a Glock 26 for a long time, as it fits me well, is easy for me to manipulate and conceal, and ballistically 9x19mm has a proven track record of stopping humans from doing whatever they were doing before they gained 115-145grains of lead at a time.   Recently, redditor SCAxman put the …

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Feb 03

Shooter status changed from active to inactive by restaurant patron

Link to ABC13 site with story. Tl;dr Dudes argue at restaurant, one of them gets pissed, goes out to car, comes back shooting. Armed citizen converts active shooter to inactive.

Jan 15

Street robberies and you – The Basics

A fantastic writeup on the hows, whys, and thought process of street robberies, by member BurnedOutLEO, reposted with permission of the author. Original posting Feb 4, 2012. Well worth reading at the source, for additional commentary and discussion. ——- Lately in GD( General Discussion) we have had two different board members find themselves looking down …

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Jan 15

Young woman successfully defends self in robbery attempt (Atlanta, GA Jan 11 2015)

tl,dr Pizza delivery driver gets held up at gunpoint, forced to ground, shoots attacker. Attacker arrested, accomplice fled in driver’s vehicle.   News article about incident.  Follow up, employer states they will stand by employee, offered reassignment to store position and counseling.   Bonus! Another pizza delivery driver in the area robbed at gunpoint the following …

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Dec 31

CCW holder successfully defends self in work place violence incident (Osceola Co, FL) (Dec 30 2014)

tl;dr, Pastor was firing maintenance employee at church, employee pulls firearm, starts shooting. Pastor draws, incapacitates employee, who is was hauled off to the hospital to reconsider his life choices.   All things considered, it worked out as well as it could have. No injuries to the intended victim (pastor) who successfully defended himself, and …

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Dec 27

Concealed Carry Tips – From a fat guy, to other fat guys

This article was taken from a posting by reddit user BromeoAndCooliet, with permission of the author, who is fat.   My body type: Weight: 270 Height 5’6 I see this question all the time “I’m fat but how can I has cheeseburger AND ccw?” Well here’s the realities: As an overweight person, it may be fractionally …

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Nov 17

After a long hiatus, CCSL is back!

Concealed Carry Saves Lives, and that happens every day. This blog has been updated a mite bit more infrequently than that, so steps are being taken to fix that. Management of the blog has been moved to Mitch Gerlinger, of MOA Targets, LLC, purveyor of fine AR500 targets and target accessories. CCSL is also looking …

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