Dec 18

Gun-carrying passerby halts Minneapolis store robbery

How many of these incidents, where a gun is never fired, do we NOT hear about?

Store owner on left, good samaritan on right.

Outside the northeast Minneapolis store, two men pounded on the window, trying to get back into the University Market after [the owner] managed to lock them out.

“They seemed really agitated, super agitated,” said Matt Dosser, who was walking by about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. At first, “nothing made sense, then I saw the gun.”

Dosser, who has a permit to carry a gun, reached for his own weapon.

“His buddy said something to him,” Dosser continued, “and then he had this surprised look on his face, and they both ran to his vehicle and took off.”

Police: Gun-carrying passerby ‘did noble thing’ halting Mpls. store robbery

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